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Configure, deploy, and manage your Kubernetes environments in self-service, automatically, on the go, and in a click 

Leading Companies are Choosing EaaS

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Deploy Your Helm Chart applications on Kubernetes Cluster and AWS

Watch our video and learn how to create and manage environments in a click on your AWS account.

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Create an Environment in a Click

Add an environment to your collection, and immediately deploy it. You can add as many as needed, and deploy with similar specifications or re-configure to your changing needs.

Applications' Versions +
Business Logic Parameters

In a dropdown menu, choose your application's version, and move back and forth on the fly. Fix a bug on an older version, or put your great idea into the next one. All the business logic parameters are there with you, change them or keep them as is.

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Deploy Your Helm Chart Applications Without Using a Commandline

Connect any of your Helm chart repository, search for the application in the catalog and deploy it in a few clicks using EaaS. Access to your Helm deployment output and secrets in one place, without using the commands line.

Deploy on the go!

Configure, deploy, and manage your environments with EaaS on the go - on your mobile phone! Be productive and do more from anywhere, your environments will never hold you back. 

EaaS Mobile


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A Smart Development Environment Tool

  • Quick Start Wizard

  • Simplify deployments of Helm Charts and Docker Images

  • Self-service and automatic environments 

  • Abstraction layer over infra - no YMAL or code needed to deploy and manage your environment

A Powerful DevOps Machine

  • Sophisticated Admin System Settings Console for all of your DevOps, IT, and Security needs 

  • View and manage your environments in one location

  • Permission Settings, Approval Changes, Env History, and Scheduler. 

  • Supports EKS, AKS, PKS, and GKE

  • "Bring Your Own Terraform" 


Phoenix Insurance

Spinning environments in a click, Phoenix's Dev and QA teams have complete control over their environments, as they provision fast, secure envs with little to no overhead. 
Read the full Case Study

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TASE-Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

At the TASE speed of transaction is fundamental, EaaS allows super-fast environment provisioning, facilitating self-service, automation, cost-savings, as well as a complete enterprise security foundation that a stock exchange demands.


Cloud, Multi-Cloud, On-prem, Bare-metal, and Hybrid

From GitOps to Hybrid

EaaS easily integrates with your ecosystem of infrastructure, applications, versions, and configurations. Support for best practices and most common APIs, allow Continuous Deployment processes, where EaaS is the hub to manage and provision environments with no vendor lock-in.    

Deploy Applications + Infrastracture

Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform and CloudFormation will startup your VPCs, Servers, and Networking, but it will not deploy your applications, versions, and configurations. EaaS can do that, both for your microservices and monolith. 

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