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Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Now EaaS can deploy AKS cluster on Azure within a few clicks with EaaS.

All you need to do is provide your Azure credentials configuration.

Add AKS configuration or keep it default.

Click the Deploy button.

When the AKS cluster is deployed, you can run Application Deployment (Helm or Docker) on top of it. Create a new Application Deployment in EaaS, and select the exiting AKS cluster from the list.

Add your desired applications to the deployment. Click Deploy, and EaaS will do the rest.

To try EaaS for free, go to

Now EaaS supports applications deployments from your git repository. to connect, you need to define git credentials and click “Next.

EaaS will automatically detect all the Helm applications in the repository, showing the applications catalog.

Click on the application you wish to deploy, and you will see the advanced details


You can review the information and click “Add, EaaS will add it to your deployment configuration.

Try EaaS here

Connect your AWS account and deploy an application within a few simple steps.

When you have deployed your application on EaaS Cloud, click the “Connect to AWS“ button to activate EaaS on your AWS account.

Start the AWS Credentials wizard.

When you have made an AWS connection, EaaS will ask which applications you want to deploy. You can add any Helm or Docker applications.

When the configuration part is done, click the “Deploy“ button, and EaaS will create an EKS cluster and then deploy your application on it.

You can monitor the cluster creation process.

Try EaaS here

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