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Required skills

Experience with AWS Experience with Docker containers Experience with Kubernetes Experience with Python (scripting skills at least) Experience with Infrastructure as code (Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.) CI experience (Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy or other) Experience with version control systems (Git or similar) Deep Linux OS knowledge Network troubleshooting and configuration skills (DNS, HTTP, SSL, TCP/IP, etc.) Understanding of SDLC Intermediate English language proficiency Being a team player Good communication skills

Nice to have

Python programming proficiency Experience with MongoDB System architecture design skills

We offer

An opportunity for professional growth. An exciting and challenging job in a fast-growing company. Benefits package (medical insurance, paid 20 vacation days, gym membership, compensation for English courses) Corporate parties, team buildings


Developing product CI/CD pipelines Automate AWS resources and infrastructure provisioning Develop custom environments provisioning modules using Python, AWS SDK, and Terraform Implementing Kubernetes deployments automation Maintain infrastructures and environments of all types from dev to production Security monitoring and administration Be innovative, learn new tools, systems, and best practices, propose your own ideas


Ukraine office

Apply now at or at www.

About KENV

KENV takes IT automation to the next level. Our product EaaS — Environment as a Service shifts the focus from servers, load balancers, storage volumes, and other low-level details to environments, applications, versions, and projects. EaaS lets you focus on your product rather than on the underlying infrastructure.

KENV ’the Environment company’ is the developer of DevOps software EaaS.

Its Infrastructure as Code product EaaS is an automatic, self-service Environment as a Service Dev, QA, and Prod pros can run in 15 minutes or less, supporting all major APIs.

We are architects, engineers, developers, and project managers who recognize the importance and opportunity of creating integrated, cross-functional automation software for dev and ops teams to maximize productivity.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

  • Reports large scale enterprise implementations in Insurance, Finance, and Technology.

  • Plans to accelerate product development and market expansion.

  • Adds Jonathan Benartzi, Founder and General Partner at Firstime, to the Board of Directors.

TEL AVIV, Israel & NEW YORK, NY — November 17th, 2020 — KENV, the developer of no-code Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) software, today announced a financing round led by Firstime Venture Capital - a venture capital firm with a mission to support new digital companies. The investment comes amidst explosive demand for self-service and Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) tools for Development and QA teams.

Jonathan Benartzi, Founder and Managing Partner at Firstime who invests in digital companies, has been appointed to KENV’s board of directors, joining KENV founders Ziv Kashtan and Rami Rinot.

KENV automates Kubernetes environments in a click, delivers simplicity, up to 75% cost savings on AWS Cloud spend, and optimizes on-premise resources to enterprise and technology companies. Its EaaS Platform shifts the focus from servers, load balancers, storage volumes, and other low-level infrastructure components to environments, applications, versions, and projects. EaaS eliminates the busy work related to the underlying infrastructure through IaC and helps developers and IT teams to dedicate more time to their end-product, significantly reducing direct, indirect, and Cloud costs.

“Many companies struggle with their digital transformation plans, and still have slow delivery processes where it may take weeks to create an integration environment.” Said Ziv Kashtan, KENV’s Co-founder and CEO. “We built EaaS as a no-code product to help companies that embrace dockers and Kubernetes on the Cloud and/or On-premise. With EaaS, developers, testers, pre-sale teams, or other relevant functions can launch a self-service environment in less than 15 minutes, with a preset configuration and all the infra, legacy, and application with their versions. It’s exciting to see our customers deliver on their digital time-to-market promise.”

This announcement comes on the heels of accelerated business momentum fueled by an increased need for automated enterprise platforms as companies race to adapt to changing working conditions, including effective remote working, especially amidst COVID-19. Among KENV EaaS customers is a national stock exchange and Phoenix Insurance - recently won first prize for an infrastructure project from People and Computers for its EaaS implementation.

We are at the dawn of an infrastructure automation cycle, which will significantly evolve from manual, complex undertakings into self-service, automatic environment processes that support governance, security, and delivery speed.” Said Jonathan Benartzi, Founder and Managing Partner at Firstime. “KENV is positioned to disrupt the space. We are excited to be working with the team at KENV, leveraging Firstime’s expertise and network in scaling companies to fuel the company’s journey to becoming the market leader.”

“We are on a mission to help companies focus on their core business and harness their development team’s full potential. Now that an enterprise grade Environment as a Service product exists, there is no excuse to develop and maintain half-baked environments internally.” Remarked Rami Rinot, Co-founder and COO at KENV. “Our customers are experiencing up to 75% reduction in costs, superior on-premise computing utilization, and a lowered hardware TCO and a lowered electric bill. KENV helps ship products faster, creates a better experience for developers and infrastructure teams, renders speed and governance, and delivers decisive cost savings.”

EaaS V2021 is now available. Learn more here.

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About KENV

KENV is the world's first developer of EaaS - Environment as a Service platform, offering dynamic Kubernetes environments in a click. The company’s mission is to simplify infrastructure, enable self-service for developers, while providing significant cost savings on Cloud and on-premise computation. KENV was founded in 2018 and has a global footprint with offices in Tel Aviv and NYC.

About Firstime

Firstime VC, managed by Ilan Shiloach, Jonathan Ben-Artzi, and Nir Tarlovsky, focuses its investments in "Better life Technologies,” companies with a proven product and technology, and are backed by an excellent team of entrepreneurs.

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