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KENV Announces the GA of its EaaS Product to Deploy and Manage Kubernetes Environments in a Click

  • EaaS - Environment as a Service - empowers developers to deliver software faster, frees IT and DevOps bottlenecks, and saves up to 75% on Dev and QA Cloud cost.

  • New Features include Developer’s Quick Start, REST API, Helm and Terraform support, Security, Approval Chain, and Admin Console.

  • EaaS SaaS version runs on AWS EKS and uses Kubernetes and Terraform, which provides users interoperability between Clouds and other Kubernetes platforms.

Tel-Aviv, Israel and New York, NY--April 6th, 2021 -- KENV Software - the developer of automatic, collaborative, and self-service Environment-as-a-Service product today announced the General Availability of its EaaS product in a SaaS model for Kubernetes. The company offers a 14-days free trial ( with full functionality and access to up to 10 environments. Developers are using EaaS in various businesses such as tech, finance, insurance, and enterprise. From a team of one to a group of hundreds, EaaS allows developers to deploy at record speed.

KENV simplified its licensing model, offering the Startup package with up to 20 licenses for only $1,000 a month. This edition includes enhanced DevOps functionalities most startups lack and need. Developer, Pro, Team, and Enterprise editions are also available.

Managing an environment ecosystem is painful. Not anymore!

An environment is the software that loads and manages all the infrastructure, applications, and configurations developers need to work. “Traditionally developed and managed in-house environments are slow, expensive, and create an alarming level of friction between development teams and IT infrastructure personnel.” Said Ziv Kashtan, Founder and CEO, KENV. “EaaS is the first out-of-the-box environment product. It has all the self-service, automation, and speed developers need to be productive. We further took great care of DevOps and IT requirements and added best practices with numerous enterprise-grade features, so it is seamless to start working with EaaS. Our customers see exceptional results.”

Deploy environments in minutes compared to weeks.

Developers are using EaaS in various industries, including tech unicorns, startups, and enterprises. “As startups grow, so does their infrastructure evolve, and developers’ requirements expand. With EaaS, developers can deploy Kubernetes environments and setup complex infra scenarios with no code without being troubled by the underline infrastructure.” Said Rami Rinot, Founder and COO, KENV. “Manual Environments that used to take weeks to deploy and require endless busywork are now automatically popping up using EaaS. Now that an environment product exists, there is no reason to invest substantial resources and time in never-ending environment projects. EaaS is a game-changer.”

Available in SaaS, In-account, On-premise, and Hybrid.

The following EaaS features are available with the new SaaS release: Developer's Quick Start Wizard, deploy and manage automatic and self-service environments, AWS Support - Run on your AWS account, Kubernetes and EKS Support, native REST API support, easy CI/CD integration, Docker Image deployment support, Helm Charts support, bring your own Terraform, Cost Saving - schedule your environments and save up 75% Dev and QA Cloud cost, Approval Chain, Permission-based access control, Environment Audit and History, Environment Collections, Admin Console, Documentation. KENV offers Standard Support as well as premium programs.

About KENV

KENV is the world's first developer of EaaS - Environment as a Service product, offering dynamic Kubernetes environments in a click. The company’s mission is to simplify infrastructure, enable self-service for developers while providing DevOps efficiency and significant cost savings on Cloud expenses. KENV has a global footprint with offices in Tel Aviv and NYC.

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