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Experienced JavaScript Full Stack Developer

Required skills

1. 2+ years of experience as a Front-End Developer 2. 1+ years of experience as a Back-End Developer 3. Deep knowledge of JavaScript, OOP, and asynchronous programming 4. Proficiency in NodeJS 5. Proficiency in HTML5 / CSS3 / SAAS 6. ExtJS 6.5+ experience (or experience with Angular 2.0+ \ VueJS \ React) 7. Being a team player 8. Good problem-solving 9. Good communication skills 10. Scrum-based process experience 11. Upper-Intermediate English language proficiency

Nice to have

Experience in ReactJS will be a big plus Experience with Strapi framework will be a big plus Experience with GoJS library will be a big plus Experience with MongoDB Experience with AWS Experience with Kubernetes

We offer

An opportunity for professional growth. An exciting and challenging job in a fast-growing company. Benefits package (medical insurance, paid 20 vacation days, gym membership, compensation for English courses) Corporate parties, team buildings


Main responsibilities: 1. Development of existing SPA application using Sencha ExtJS 7+ framework 2. Development of existing Back-End application using NodeJS and Strapi framework Secondary responsibilities: 1. Development of ReactJS components for existing ExtJS application 2. Application migration from ExtJS to ReactJS


Ukraine office

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About KENV

KENV takes IT automation to the next level. Our product EaaS — Environment as a Service shifts the focus from servers, load balancers, storage volumes, and other low-level details to environments, applications, versions, and projects. EaaS lets you focus on your product rather than on the underlying infrastructure.

KENV ’the Environment company’ is the developer of DevOps software EaaS.

Its Infrastructure as Code product EaaS is an automatic, self-service Environment as a Service Dev, QA, and Prod pros can run in 15 minutes or less, supporting all major APIs.

We are architects, engineers, developers, and project managers who recognize the importance and opportunity of creating integrated, cross-functional automation software for dev and ops teams to maximize productivity.


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