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First-Ever Mobile Support for Environment Configuration, Deployment, and Management

KENV Announces First-Ever Mobile Support for Full Environment Configuration, Deployment, and Management on its EaaS 4.0 - Environment as a Service Product

  • Configure, deploy and manage your environments from your mobile phone

  • Support configuration for all the environment types: Application Deployment, Terraform, and EKS.

  • Improved and simplified Application Deployment user experience

TEL AVIV, Israel & NEW YORK, NY — September 29th, 2021 — KENV, the developer of the no-code Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) product, announced its release of EaaS product version 4.0 with full support for mobile phones.

Today, more than ever, developers, DevOps teams, and managers are working from literally anywhere and demand the same capabilities as if they were in the office. KENV is announcing that with EaaS 4.0, everyone can now deploy applications faster on the go, remotely, or on their way to work. It is clear that mobility and functionality are joined together, and EaaS 4.0 adds significant value to our users. The vision of KENV is to fix developer environment bottlenecks with automation, self-service, and speed, and now mobility is a new gamechanger, with engineers doing more and being efficient on the go.

Try EaaS for free here:

More in EaaS 4.0

Redesign of Application Deployment UI, and you can configure deployment packages really in a few clicks.

Main changes:

- Access Helm Chart catalog in a single click;

- Add, edit or remove Docker image environment variables in a single click directly on the configuration page;

- Ability to choose Kubernetes cluster just from the list;

- Ability to create new Kubernetes cluster directly from the Application Deployment page;

Media Contact:

About KENV

KENV is the world’s first developer of EaaS - Environment as a Service product, offering dynamic Kubernetes environments in a click. The company’s mission is to simplify infrastructure, enable self-service for developers, while providing significant cost savings on the Cloud. CRN picked KENV as one of the hottest Kubernetes startups for 2021.


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