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KENV Announces A $0 Free EaaS Developer Edition

KENV the environment company is announcing today a free edition of its EaaS - Environment as a Service product for Developers at $0 cost. Now using EaaS developers can deploy their applications better, faster, smarter, and safer. EaaS lives on Kubernetes and EKS, allows developers to use their own Helm Charts, and bring their own Terraforms with no Code or CLI. To start free with EaaS go to

EaaS Developer Edition includes:

  • Full EaaS Functionality

  • One user

  • Up to 3 environments

  • Developer's Quick Start Wizard

  • Deploy and manage automatic and self-service environments

  • AWS Support - Run on your own AWS account

  • Kubernetes and EKS Support

  • Native REST API support

  • Easy CI/CD integration

  • Docker image deployment support

  • Helm Charts Support

  • Bring your own Terraform

  • Cost Saving - Schedule your Environments. Save up 75% Dev and QA Cloud cost

  • Approval Chain

  • Permission-based access control

  • Environment Audit and History

  • Environment Collections

  • Admin Console

  • Documentation

  • Standard Support

To start free with EaaS go to


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