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KENV is Introducing EaaS Cloud

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

KENV, the developer of the first Eaas - Environment as a Service product, is introducing EaaS Cloud. The company has designed the EaaS Cloud service to help developers and DevOps professionals evaluate the product without integrating with a third-party cloud vendor.

EaaS was built to allow developers to deploy applications fast in self-service and to reduce the environment creation, deployment, and management busywork burden on DevOps teams. With EaaS Cloud, users can upgrade and manage environments in a click without adding any third-party credentials and switch between versions, change configurations, deploy applications, and test EaaS for free. Once the evaluation is complete, EaaS generates a simple wizard to install users' AWS ARN credentials.

In addition, KENV is introducing a new smart wizard to enhance self-service functionality to guide users through an intuitive, quick and easy, installation process. Users then can select a demo environment with a built-in CountyInfo application, or create custom environments, selecting applications from Helm Chart and Docker Hub in a click. EaaS users can create Kubernetes environments and deploy Terraform without using CLI to give more options and flexibility.

Signup and start your free EaaS:

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