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Free EaaS Developer

Working with Kubernetes and moving fast? Deploy with EaaS and be productive. Developer edition allows full functionality to provision and set up your environments.




One user and 3 environments


EaaS Dev Pro

For the developer that works in a small collaborative team with speed and self-service in mind.  







Up to 5 users/environments


EaaS Starter

Grow fast - deliver faster. EaaS for startups fits companies that want to scale up quickly and save big on IT. Included are DevOps functions that small companies often lack.




Up to 22 users/environments


EaaS Business

Time to market' is key and  EaaS may just be your development teams and  IT combination for success. EaaS for business is the right solution for companies with DevOps that want to move fast. 



Up to 100 users/environments


EaaS Enterprise

On-prem, Cloud, Hybrid, Legacy, and everything in between. EaaS for Enterprise is your go-to solution for complex environments on a massive scale that meets your governance requirements. 

On-prem, Cloud, Hybrid


√  Developer's Quick Start Wizard
√  Deploy and manage automatic and self-service environments
√  AWS Support - Run on your own AWS account
√  Kubernetes and EKS Support
√  Native REST API support
√  Easy CI/CD integration
√  Docker image deployment support
√  Helm Charts Support 
√  Bring your own Terraform
√  Cost Saving - Schedule your Environments.
√  Permission-based access control
√  Environment Audit and History
√  Environment Collections
√  Admin Console
√  Documentation
√  Standard Support
√  Free updates

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