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New from KENV EaaS - Environment Approval Chain

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Protect your mission-critical environment operations, define which command requires approval, and grant your team's permissions.

KENV EaaS allows you to flexibly configure who can trigger execution, and who can approve it. You can set permissions to groups, users, or define global permissions for everyone.

What does the Approvals Count mean here? If you defined that a group can approve, it means that X persons related to this group should give approval. If at least one person declines it - it will be declined.

Manage all the approval requests across the system in one place.

Or review pending approvals per environment

Just “Take Action”, review all the command request details and decide the fate of the environment.

Does your infrastructure change in seconds? Once your approval is required - you will get an email notification immediately. So the time between approval request and actual command execution can be reduced to seconds. Also, all the involved persons will get email notifications for each approval request for the lifecycle flow.

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